Yamaha R-900 Repair And Restoration

This Yamaha R-900 is in pretty rough shape. Lots of abuse for a lot of years.

This Yamaha R-900 has some rust on various metal parts including the top grill.

This Yamaha R-900 solid state receiver's faceplate is a mess.  

The back of the receiver is as dirty as the front. This unit was in a Florida shed for some time.

The faceplate has been removed for cleaning. Warm water, dish soap and Mother's Aluminum polish will be working overtime.  

The picture below shows the FM and AM buttons that have been cleaned along with the un-cleaned ones above them.

The faceplate cleaned up nicely after some scrubbing This Yamaha R-900 receiver is looking better. 

As with any vintage stereo restoration this Yamaha R-900 needed dexoit cleaning of the pots, switches, RCA jacks, etc.

This Yamaha R-900 was worth the effort to save it from the scrap heap. Looking good and sounding good! This repair and restoration is complete.