Yamaha K-700 Cassette Deck Repair And Restoration

This Yamaha K-700 cassette deck power's up but the transport does not operate. Some repair and restoration is in order. 

With the top cover removed you can now access the transport. This Yamaha cassette deck seems to be very well built. 

I have started to disassemble the transport. At the bottom, that black thing (was the belt) that's stuck to that large round piece (capstan)

I now have the capstan's removed and there are pieces of the capstan belt at the bottom of the unit.

I've gotten less dirty changing a belt in a vehicle then I have in this cassette deck. It's like tar. Any of you roofer's, think blackjack.

The same gooey mess of a belt is oozing from the capstan motor. Already ruined my shirt so what the hell.......    

Looking better now. A little more cleaning with alcohol and it will be time to install the new capstan belt in this Yamaha K-700. 

The capstans are cleaned and the new belt is installed. A little more assembly and the unit should be ready to go. 

Always a good idea to clean the heads and the tape path. This deck had not been attended to for many years.

The faceplate has been removed for cleaning and to use deoxit on the pots, pushbuttons, and RCA jacks.

Recording, playback and all features are now working well on this Yamaha K-700. The repair and restoration is complete.