Yamaha CA-2010 Repair And Restoration

This Yamaha CA-2010 solid state integrated amplifier is in pretty good cosmetic shape but needs some repair and restoration.

I have removed the top cover of this Yamaha CA-2010 integrated amplifier. It's a good idea to take a casual look before powering up unknown equipment.

I have removed the bottom cover of this Yamaha CA-2010. Again, It's a good idea to take a casual look before powering up unknown equipment.

I have removed the faceplate. There is always a lot of cleaning when you are doing a vintage audio repair or restoration.

Many of the bulbs are burned out in this Yamaha CA-2010. The bulbs are 40 years old so it's something to be expected.  

  With the faceplate off I'll get that cleaned up. Warm water and a little soap works pretty well.

Some of the control shafts are bent on this Yamaha CA-2010 integrated amplifier. Minor bends like this can be fixed with pliers.

The switches and pots will need to be cleaned with deoxit. After 40 years there is bound to be metal corrosion on the small contact points.

The picture below shows the volume control which will also need to be cleaned with deoxit.

The control knobs of this Yamaha CA-2010 will be cleaned up with dish soap and warm water.

During the repair and restoration of this Yamaha CA-2010 integrated amplifier the rear panel connectors will also be cleaned up.

I'll be replacing all of the electrolytic and bi-polar capacitors in the power supply. After 40 years of service they need to be replaced.

There is also enough slack in the wires to access both the component side and the artwork side which is necessary for component replacement.

All of the capacitors replaced were high temperature rated at 105 degrees centigrade. Which converts to 221 degrees Fahrenheit.

This Yamaha CA-2010 integrated amplifier's power supply is now ready to start it's next 40 years of service.

I'll be removing the audio amplifier section for service. Always take pictures before you remove any cables or connectors.

Taking a lot of pictures will allow you to get the unit back together correctly. Make a mistake here and serious damage is a real possibility.

With the wiring removed the audio amplifier section of this Yamaha CA-2010 can be removed and the 40 year old electrolytic capacitors replaced. 

With the assembly removed from the chassis I will remove the power transistors and separate the heatsink from the PWBA.

With the power transistors and the heatsink out of the way I can now replace those electrolytic capacitors.

This Yamaha CA-2010 integrated amplifier repair and restoration is getting closer to completion.

The new electrolytic capacitors in this Yamaha CA-2010 should operate correctly for many years.

I have cleaned up the heatsinks and I will install new insulators and thermal paste before reinstalling the power transistors.

I have the power transistors reinstalled and I'm ready to install the assembly into the Yamaha CA-2010 chassis.

I found during testing that the AUX right channel's RCA connector was working intermittently and I had to remove the assembly from the chassis.

During any vintage audio repair or restoration you will encounter many different issues. 40 year old solder joints can cause many issues.

After 40 years of the CA-2010 heating up and cooling off, the moving of the unit, maybe the joints were not perfect to begin with.

After reflowing all of the RCA jacks the intermittent problem was fixed. Once again the CA-2010 is 40 years old. What do you expect.

I set the idle currents (In this unit there are two adjustments, class A and Class B) of the Yamaha CA-2010 to factory specifications.

After service manual adjustments and basic controls-listening tests it's time to bench test this Yamaha CA-2010 integrated amplifier.

The Yamaha CA-2010 did very well in power and distortion testing at various frequencies and power levels.

The .03% distortion rating of this Yamaha CA-2010 integrated amplifier was easily met at all power levels.

The class A performance was outstanding reaching over 40 watts with both channels driven before exceeding it's rated .03% distortion rating.

The Class A specification for the Yamaha CA-2010 is 30 watts per channel at .03 distortion. The 40 Watts that I measured is 25% above the rating.

This Yamaha CR-2010 integrated amplifier repair and restoration is complete. It's time for some music!