Technics SL-D5 Turntable Repair And Restoration

This Technics SL-D5 turntable is in fair condition but certainly needs a clean up. The multiple-play spindles were included.

This Technics SL-D5 turntable will need some scrubbing. Any vintage stereo restoration always involves a lot of cleaning.

A bucket of warm water and some dish soap is a good start. Don't use stronger solvents unless the soap and water isn't doing the job.

Using rags and Q-tips along with some elbow grease I'm starting to make a dent into the decades of dirt and grime.

The plastic sort of soaks in the years of grime and it takes some effort to get it out. I've started to make some progress on the left corner.

Don't forget to clean the platter on both sides. This Technics SL-D5 turntable is starting to look better.

Don't forget to lubricate the motor. Details on how to do this is available in the Technics SL-D5 owner's manual which you can find online.

About ready to put the platter and cover back on.  

This Technics SL-D5 is a multi-play turntable. Install the multi-play 33 spindle for your next old school party and have hours of non stop music.

Want to set up a playlist 1970's style? The SL-D5 is the turntable for you. Pick out a stack of 45's and install the multi-play 45 adapter then hit start.

This Technics SL-D5 turntable repair and restoration is complete.