Technics SE-9600P Repair And Restoration

This Technics SE-9600P power amplifier is in pretty rough cosmetic condition. 

The top cover of this Technics SE-9600P is missing along with a few screws here and there.

This amplifier has the equivalent of a jail house tattoo on it's faceplate. I've seen names on the back of units but never on the faceplate. 

I have the faceplate off. I'll wipe the heavy dirt off but I'll keep this unit a little bit dirty as it just fits the total look better 

The power lamp and the two meter lamps are burnt out on this Technics SE-9600P stereo power amplifier. I'll replace those. 

I have unsoldered one of the meter assemblies and have it removed. Now I will remove the meter from the case to replace the lamp.

After removing the meter from it's case I'm now ready to unsolder the burned out lamp and replace it with a new 6.3 volt lamp. 

After replacing both meter lamps in this Technics SE-9600P the meters should light up for many years before replacement is needed again.

The bottom cover is off. The lay out and the build quality is excellent.

With the bottom cover off it's a good time to check the power supply voltages.

Setting the DC offset and bias was made easy as the adjustment pots were easy to get at.

Once again I was impressed by the solid build and layout of this Technics SE-9600P. 

The back of this SE-9600P is also rough. Remember to use Deoxit on the level pots, switches, RCA jacks, speaker connections etc.

This Technics SE-9600P power amplifier repair and restoration is complete for now but after 40 years a recap is more then due.