Teac X-10R Reel To Reel Repair And Restoration

This Teac X-10R reel to reel tape deck was found in a storage unit.

This Teac X-10R open reel tape recorder repair and restoration is going to involve plenty of cleaning.

With the chassis removed from it's case you can see that the capstan belt has broken and turned to goo.

You have to remove the pressure plate that holds the capstan motor so that you can replace the belt.

With the capstan motor pulley now accessible I can clean the black goo that was the belt from it. isopropyl alcohol seems to work well.

I always say I'm going to wear some throw away gloves but never do.......Maybe next time..

When you remove the pressure plate you can remove the capstans for cleaning. There is a black washer at the front on the unit. Don't lose it.

This Teac X-10R reel to reel's capstan belt path has been cleaned up and it's about time to install the new belt.

With the new capstan belt installed rotate the capstans by hand and make sure they spin freely.

A service manual for the Teac X-10R is a must before attempting disassembly. It will show you how to get things apart and back together.

With every stereo restoration there is cleaning to do. Also you will find that there are many small parts that are easy to lose.

Q-tips, rags, warm water and dish soap are the first cleaners to try before you try something stronger as there is less risk to the surfaces.

This Teac X-10R tape deck is looking better and the capstan motor/ new belt works but I've found that neither reel motor will turn.

I found that the reel tables were tight up against the front panel. There should be a small space between them.

You can see in the picture below where they were making contact. The unit may have taken a tumble at some point.

A common problem with the Teac X-10R is the old grease needs to be cleaned up from the capstan roller assembly.

There are two capstan roller assemblies on the Teac X-10R. One on the left side of the head block and one on the right.

With the capstan assembly removed you can clean the shaft/sleeve with alcohol. See that washer? It will usually stay stuck to the old grease.

There's a washer on the left and the right. If it fall's....You may be getting it out like you would money in your locked piggy bank. Turn and shake.

Q-tips work well in the tight spots. This Teac X-10R's capstan's will work well once the old grease is removed.

Clean off the old grease anywhere that you see it. Of coarse make sure that you replace the old with some fresh grease.

I've got the pinch roller assembly back together. The pinch rollers now apply strong even pressure to the tape.

There is always a lot of cleaning during any vintage repair or restoration. This Teac X-10R reel to reel tape deck is no exception.

Don't forget the deoxit to clean the pots and switches. A small plastic flashlight can really help out in tight spots.

Clean up a few knobs and it will be time for some bench testing. Then some music! This unit will never be perfect but was well worth saving.

I'll now bench test the Teac X-10R with a Sound Technology 1510A along with a MRL calibration tape.

You must have a known starting point. You need a professionally made playback calibration tape to set the playback levels.

You need to also check the alignment of the heads. The Sound Technology 1510A makes this adjustment easier to make correctly.

Always have the service manual for the Teac X-10R available for reference.

After adjustment we have a pretty flat frequency response up to 24KHZ in both directions(6 head deck).

This Teac x-10R reel to reel tape deck repair and restoration is complete.