Teac X-1000R Reel To Reel Repair And Restoration

This Teac X-1000R reel to reel tape deck is in pretty good cosmetic condition if not perfect.

I've removed the chassis from the case and I'll look it over to see if there is anything obviously wrong before powering up the Teac X-1000R.

 I found that I needed to replace the capstan belt. So I will do that before I start testing out this Teac X-1000R tape deck. 

The rubber belts should almost always be replaced during any vintage reel to reel restoration or repair.

In addition to new belts many times the best thing to do is to remove everything in the tape path for cleaning and lubrication.

With the capstan motor removed you can clean the pulley with isopropyl alcohol.

40 year old grease has hardened or has decades of dirt and grime in it. Clean the old grease with isopropyl alcohol and replace with new.

 The Teac X-1000R has many small washers that can easily be lost. Always have the service manual available.

Place the disassembled pieces in a manor that makes sense to you so that you can get everything back together correctly.

Use Q-tips for tight spaces along with rags and/or paper towels for larger areas. There is always a lot of cleaning involved with audio restoration.

You will need a variety of basic tools including allen wrenches, screw drivers, pliers etc. to remove the various fasteners. 

It's best to work on one assembly at a time. Take one apart, do the necessary cleaning and lubrication. Then put it back together before moving on.

Every time you remove something be ready for something to fall off. Put a piece of paper under where your working. Whatever you lose won't go far.

A service manual for the Teac X-1000R is a must before attempting disassembly. It will show you how to get things apart and back together.

I'll clean the heads, tape guides, pinch rollers etc. before I bench test this Teac X-1000R reel to reel tape deck.

I'll use a MRL calibration tape. MRL tapes are the standard today. Teac(or anyone else) no longer produces test tapes for vintage tape decks.

The adjustment pots in the Teac X-1000R reel to reel are not very easy to reach.

Once again have the service manual for the Teac X-1000R available as it will give you the information to adjust the tape deck correctly.

A signal generator and oscilloscope along with a wow/flutter meter will be used to do the basic calibration.

Following the service manual this Teac X-1000R open reel tape deck is ready for some final measurements.

I'll use a sound technology 1510A which is a vintage piece of test equipment from the middle 1980's for final measurements.

After some final adjusting this Teac X-1000R measured very well on the test bench, Any vintage reel to reel restoration should include bench testing.

It's time for something other then more measurements. It's time for some music! This Teac X-1000R repair and restoration is complete.