Teac A-2300SD Repair And Restoration

This Teac A-2300SD reel to reel tape deck is in pretty good cosmetic condition but is in need of some repairs and restoration.

This Teac A-2300SD open reel tape recorder repair and restoration is going to involve plenty of cleaning.

The picture below shows the capstan and the pinch roller with plenty of grime to clean up. In addition, the pinch roller is stuck in place.

The heads don't look terrible but still more cleaning to do on this Teac A-2300SD reel to reel tape deck.

On the left side of this Teac A-2300SD the tape guide and the tension arm needs some cleaning too.

Now I have the top and rear cover off. If the outside is dirty you can bet that the inside is dirty also.

Years of grime to clean out. I won't clean it all out but I'll get the worst of it before I start to test this Teac A-2300SD.

I always take any dirty units outside for cleaning. I usually use the trash can as my table along with a paintbrush and some compressed air.

The picture below looking in from the rear of the 2300SD is why the pinch roller is stuck, Old grease has hardened between the shaft and sleeve.

 This is a common problem with vintage teac reel to reels. You will need to remove the capstan flywheel to get to the pinch roller assembly.

With the capstan flywheel removed you are getting closer to being able to get that old pinch roller grease cleaned up.

There is micro switch that also needs to be moved before you can remove the arm. Remove the spring before you loosen the switch.

This arm many times is frozen and you find that you can not remove it by pulling on it. A flat blade screw driver from the side of the case helps.

Put the blade behind the arm assembly and slightly turn the screw driver and the arm will move. Then it can be removed for cleaning.  

The sleeve has now been removed from the shaft. Clean the shaft and the sleeve with isopropyl alcohol. Then add some new grease.

This Teac A-2300SD has many small parts that you will need to keep track of. Take pictures and make notes in case you get into trouble.

The pinch roller is now working smoothly. After reinstalling the flywheel and capstan belt this Teac A-2300SD will be closer to making some music.

This was an issue where this Teac A-2300SD had intermittent issues with one channel or the other. This was caused by 2 switches at the back panel.

I cleaned both switches which can be accessed from the side of the A-2300SD with deoxit. Many intermittent issues are caused by dirty switches and pots.

Any vintage audio repair or restoration always involves cleaning the control pots with deoxit. This Teac A-2300SD reel to reel is no exception.

Many times you must do some level of disassembly to clean the controls correctly and so that you don't get the deoxit all over the place.

Don't forget to oil the three motors in the Teac A-2300SD. You will see a small plastic hose sticking out of the top of each motor.

 After cleaning up this Teac A-2300SD along with fixing a few issues this reel to reel has come to life on the test bench.

The first check on the test bench for any vintage reel to reel repair or restoration is to make some basic wow and flutter tests.

This Teac A-2300SD is easily beating it's wow and flutter specification so I'll move from mechanical testing to electrical testing.

You should always have the teac A-2300SD service manual available for reference before attempting any adjustments.

Using a signal generator along with a scope will help you test and properly adjust a vintage reel to reel like this Teac A-2300SD.

I have removed the head cover as I'll be adjusting the azimuth of the heads with a MRL test tape and sound technology 1510A.

Teac no longer produces test tapes. MRL is the standard tape used today for tape deck alignments.

All of the adjustment pots for this Teac A-2300SD open reel tape deck are located under the bottom cover.

This Teac A-2300D is performing pretty well on the test bench. A little more testing and it will be time for some music.

Now that the test equipment has said the deck is in pretty good shape it's time to do some test recording and see what my ears tells me.

Recording and playback sound good. Fast Forward and rewind are strong. This Teac A-2300SD was well worth saving.

This Teac A-2300SD reel to reel tape deck repair and restoration is complete. It's time for some music!