Teac 3300S Reel To Reel Repair And Restoration

This Teac 3300S 2 track reel to reel tape deck is in pretty good cosmetic condition if not perfect.

It's been awhile sense this Teac 3300S open reel tape deck has had it's tape path cleaned.

This Teac tape deck has not been powered up for many years so there will be plenty of cleaning to do.

The Q-tip below shows how dirty the pinch roller was.

More of the grime that is everywhere in the tape path of this Teac 3300S reel to reel tape deck.

Many times you will have to take apart various pieces just so that you can get to all of the dirt and grime.

The top cover has been removed. The old Teac tape decks are built very well.

This Teac 3300S needed to have some old grease removed and new grease added as the pinch roller was not operating correctly.

As can be seen in the picture below of the old grease, it had seen better days. This Teac tape deck is 40 years old.

A service manual for the Teac 3300S is a must before attempting disassembly. It will show you how to get things apart and back together.

Everything is back together and now's it time to do some bench testing on this Teac 3300S reel to reel tape deck.

This Teac 3300S open reel tape deck repair and restoration is complete.