Sony TA-3650 Integrated Amplifier Repair And Restoration

This Sony TA-3650 solid state integrated amplifier is in pretty good cosmetic shape but needs some dirt and dust removed.

The Sony TC-3650 integrated amplifier needs to have it's faceplate removed for cleaning.

With the faceplate removed we can clean the chassis. Also this unit needs to have some controls loosened for easier access with deoxit.

To properly get the deoxit to the controls some disassembly is almost always required. This Sony TC-3650 is no exception.  

Warm water and dish soap followed by Mother's aluminum polish brought the faceplate back to life.  

The back panel of any vintage stereo needs attention during restoration. Cleaning the RCA jacks and ground lugs are a must.

This Sony TC-3650 was missing the jumpers between the pre out/power in RCA jacks so I built a pair. 

This Sony TC-3650 repair and restoration is complete. Nice looking, well built integrated amp from the 70's.