Sony Esprit TA-E901 Repair And Restoration

This Sony TA-E901 is more then 35 years old and is in need of some service.

This Sony preamplifier was built from 1981-1987. It was a fine preamp in it's day and can still hold it's own when working properly.

I now have the top cover off. The TA-E901 has no ventilation openings so the inside did not collect any dirt and grime over the years.

I have also removed the bottom cover. It's always a good idea to take a look before you power up unknown equipment.

One thing that makes this Sony TA-E901 stereo preamplifier special is that the amplifier stages are all modular.

The head amplifier, equalizer amplifier etc. are encapsulated in epoxy resin as independent modules.

I have removed the control knobs so that I can remove the faceplate of this Sony Esprit TA-E901 pre amp.

With the assemblies removed from the faceplate I will be able to replace the 35 year old electrolytic and tantalum capacitors.

I will also have much better access to clean the controls on this Sony TA-E901 with deoxit.

The control board assembly has electrolytic capacitors that need replacing. This board controls the solenoid-driven switches on the main board.

I used Nichicon UKL series electrolytic capacitors and Nichicon Muse Bi-Polar series capacitors for replacements on the control board.

On the main board assembly there are several tantalum capacitors that I will be replacing during this Sony TA-E901 repair and restoration.

Some of the tantalum capacitors will be replaced with WIMA film capacitors.

Some of the other tantalum capacitors will be replaced with ELNA Silmic II electrolytic capacitors.

I have installed the replacement capacitors into the main board assembly. This Sony TA-E901 is getting ready for another 35 years of service.

There are also electrolytic capacitors that are mounted under the main board assembly of this Sony TA-E901 that will be replaced.

I have removed the control switch block from the chassis of the Sony TA-E901 preamplifier as some of the lamps are not working.

Once you remove 8 screws you can then access the bulbs for replacement.

I have started to replace the lamps during this Sony TA-E901 repair and restoration.

I will replace all of the lamps. I don't want to have to take this Sony TA-E901 apart again for a bad lamp in the future.

I have partially reassembled the Sony TA-E901 and I'll do some bench testing/listening to make sure everything is working correctly.

I have installed the control knobs and I'll give this Sony TA-E901 preamplifier a final visual check before putting the top cover back on.

This Sony TA-E901 Esprit preamplifier is operating correctly and sounds great hooked to the test system.

This Sony TA-E901 stereo preamplifier repair and restoration is complete. It's time for some music!