Sansui TU-717 FM Tuner Repair And Restoration

This Sansui TU-717 FM Tuner is in pretty good cosmetic shape.

With the top cover removed you can see that this TU-717 tuner has a very clean layout.

With the faceplate removed I am able to clean up several decades of dirt and grime that can find it's way in behind the faceplate.

With the faceplate of this Sansui TU-717 stereo tuner removed it makes it easy to access the push button switches for cleaning with deoxit.

The second from the left 8 volt dial lamp was burned out. I didn't have an exact replacement but I had one that would work.

The new lamp was physically smaller then the original but the light output of the modern bulb was just as bright as the originals.

The picture below shows the Sansui tuner with the bottom cover removed. Even with no vents in the covers dust still finds a way in.  

The tuner pulls in distant stations with ease and sounds good. This Sansui TU-717 repair and restoration is complete.