Sansui QRX-6500 Restoration

After 40+ years this Sansui QRX-6500 receiver is on need of some restoration.

Disassembling the Sansui QRX-6500 quadraphonic receiver for cleaning.

Faceplate and AM/FM dial removed from the Sansui QRX-6500.

The AM/FM dial, Notice the various colors for phone, fm, am etc. The next picture will show how Sansui obtained those colors.

Sansui used varying colors of tape to obtain the green, red and yellow colors that you see on the QRX-6500.

Like on many units this Sansui requires some disassembly to get access to all of the pots and switches for cleaning.  

Notice the bent straws on the deoxit cans for easier access to where you need to get the cleaning solution.

Faceplate back on after cleaning. This Sansui QRX-6500 looked like it was in a smokers environment for many years. 

Blew the dirt out of the chassis and wiped down the surfaces. This Sansui receiver has an issue with the FM tuning string slipping. 

The Sansui QRX-6500 is know to have issues with the tuning string slipping. This unit looks like a nightmare to restring.

The Japanese girl at the Sansui factory in Japan in the 70's could restring this QRX-6500 in 3 minutes but I'm going to avoid it at all costs.

There are two things that you can do to improve the operation of the tuning string. One is to get some Bee's wax.

Rub the bee's wax on the tuner string near the flywheel at the front right of the chassis. This seems to be the area where it makes the most difference.

Next you can bend the bracket shown below to the outside of the chassis until the string tightens up. Don't bend it to much or the string will break.

I've got the receiver back in it's case and the tuning string seems to be working well. I'll do a little bench testing.

Even if you are not into quad it's hard not to like the look of the Sansui QRX-6500. It's a beautiful beast.

This solid state receiver from the early 70's is back in service but a recap in the future will be needed. This Sansui QRX-6500 restoration is complete.