Sansui Eight Receiver Repair And Restoration

Looking a bit rough and needing some repair and restoration after 40+ years.

I have removed the top cover of this Sansui Eight stereo solid state receiver. This unit has a nice internal layout.

I have removed the faceplate of this Sansui Eight for cleaning. There is always plenty to clean during any repair or restoration.

Getting another level in to get decades of dirt out of the Sansui eight receiver.

Every bulb except one was burned out so I made some replacements.

Dial lights now working and cleaned it up a little. Made some function labels with photoshop to replace the missing ones.

The right channel had a 1.7V DC offset being caused by a bad transistor. Replaced the transistor and all is well.

A major recap is in order for this Sansui Eight receiver. Time to get those 40 year old electrolytic capacitors out of there. 

New capacitors installed in the assembly and ready to be reinstalled.

Another assembly being worked on.

One filter capacitor removed and the other still in. I'm going to re-stuff the existing capacitors with new ones.

Look at the size difference between the old cap and the new blue one. Also the new one  is 12000uf/63volts, the old 8000uf/50 volts

After cutting the existing filter capacitor open with a dremel the new cap is wired up. Then the capacitor is reassembled. 

  41 capacitors were replaced in this Sansui Eight receiver.

Always use respected names for your replacement components. Just pennies more for the piece of mind.

This Sansui Eight is now ready for many years of reliable operation. This repair and restoration is complete.