Sansui CA-2000 Repair And Restoration

This Sansui CA-2000 is more then forty years old and is in need of some service.

This Sansui preamplifier was built from 1977 - 1979. It was a fine preamp in it's day and can still hold it's own when working properly.

I now have the top cover off. The CA-2000 has no ventilation openings so the inside did not collect any dirt and grime over the years.

I have also removed the bottom cover. It's always a good idea to take a look before you power up unknown equipment.

I have powered up this Sansui preamp along with a CD player and a pair of headphones to test out it's basic operating condition.

I will be replacing the 45 year old electrolytic capacitors in the power supply during the repair and restoration of this Sansui CA-2000. 

Every assembly has components that will need to be replaced. Electrolytic and Bi-polar capacitors, transistors and diodes.

I have removed the knobs from this Sansui CA-2000 preamplifier so that I can remove the faceplate for cleaning.

The knobs from this Sansui CA-2000 will also be cleaned. There is always a lot of cleaning with any vintage audio repair or restoration.

With the faceplate removed I can get to the decades of dirt and grime that collects in vintage audio equipment.

The F-2691 equalizer assembly (phono) will be rebuilt. This assembly is very easy to access from the top of the Sansui CA-2000.

Electrolytic capacitors, Bi-Polar capacitors and small signal transistors will be replaced on the F-2691.

With the F-2691 removed from the top of the chassis I have removed the remaining assemblies from the front panel.

Now I have easy access to the remaining assemblies in this Sansui CA-2000 preamp.

Also take plenty of pictures below unhooking any wiring so that you will know where everything goes during reassembly.

I have removed the F-2573 filter assembly for capacitor and transistor replacement.

With the assemblies removed from the chassis it is much easier to work on the individual boards in the Sansui CA-2000.

Here the F-2491 headphone assembly has been removed for upgrading during Sansui CA-2000 repair and restoration.

The F-2491 has been upgraded with Nichicon capacitors. This assembly is getting ready for hopefully another 45 years of service. 

The power supply has been rebuilt in this Sansui CA-2000 and is now ready to supply reliable voltages to the other assemblies.

The F-2691 has been rebuilt and is ready to provide outstanding vinyl record performance.

Nichicon Muse Bi-Polar capacitors were used as replacements for the original Nichicon Bi-Polar capacitors.

The replacement of 45 year old electrolytic capacitors is a must if you want your Sansui CA-2000 to operate as it was designed.

Many of the original capacitors in this Sansui CA-2000 were manufactured by Nichicon and the new capacitors are also made by Nichicon.

The VD1212 diodes will be replaced during this Sansui CA-2000 repair and restoration as they have a history of failing.

While the assemblies are removed from the chassis it's a great time to inspect the artwork side to inspect for any solder related issues.

I'll clean up the RCA jacks and switches with deoxit on the F-2569 input and switch assembly.

I have started to reassemble this Sansui CA-2000 preamplifier so that it can make music like it did many years ago.

I have reinstalled the cables and wiring neatly that I had  removed for this vintage audio repair and restoration.

This Sansui CA-2000 preamplifier repair and restoration is complete. It's time for some music!