SAE 2400 Repair And Restoration

Some older American iron. This SAE 2400 Amplifier is in need of some service.

Unusual as this SAE 2400 amplifier has a fan to keep the outputs cool. 

Remove three screws and all eight meter lamps are assessable. I wish all vintage stereo equipment was this easy.

The faceplate of this SAE 2400 solid state power amplifier has been removed for cleaning.

The dirt shown below was removed from the inside of the faceplate and the meter case. 

With the faceplate removed you are able to get to the switches for cleaning with deoxit.

This picture show's the left driver assembly that has been recapped. Different artwork revision from the right.

This picture show's the right driver assembly that has been recapped. Notice several differences between the left and right.

The right driver assembly had a couple of bad transistors replaced that were causing high DC offset.

Capacitor's changed out on the protection assembly. 

I keep most filter capacitors if they test okay as they can be expensive to replace or more work to re-stuff. 

I purchased a new fan for this SAE 2400 as the 40 year old original fan has become pretty noisy. 

This SAE 2400 still has it's original outputs so I will reseat them and add some new thermal compound.

I have the right channels output transistors removed. I will clean off the old thermal compound from the heatsink.

I'll clean the old thermal compound from this SAE 2400 amplifiers power transistors.

This SAE 2400 power amplifier has several separate pieces of heatsink where I need to get the old thermal compound off.

Any vintage stereo repair or restoration involves a lot of cleaning. 91% isopropyl alcohol will clean the old compound off.

I'll clean the old compound from the power transistors of this SAE 2400 amplifier.

I'll install new mica transistor insulators after putting a thin coat of fresh thermal compound on each side of the insulators.

I have the right channel power transistors reinstalled in this SAE 2400 power amplifier along with the heatsink.

Now it's time to repeat the process on the left channel. Maybe these original SAE 2400 power transistors can make it another 40 years!

I now have reinstalled the transistors and the heatsinks for both channels. It's about time to install that new fan.

The new fan has been installed and it's time for some bench testing.

29 capacitors and transistors were replaced in this SAE 2400 power amplifier in this repair and restoration.

Always use respected names for your replacement components. Just pennies more for the piece of mind.

This SAE 2400 solid state power amplifier is up and running. Time to listen to some music. This repair and restoration is complete.