Rotel RA-610 Repair And Restoration

. This Rotel RA-610 integrated amplifier was built in 1972 and is in need of some service.

I now have the top and bottom covers off. This Rotel RA-610 seems to be well built.

I have removed the faceplate so that I can clean it easier. Any vintage stereo repair or restoration involves cleaning.

With the faceplate removed it is also easier to clean the pots and switches with deoxit.

During the initial testing of this Rotel RA-610 integrated amplifier I was unable to adjust the idle current on the left channel. 

I found that I had to replace a defective diode. This amplifier being 45 years old this is not a surprise.

The old diodes are not longer available so I will use two modern diodes to make the replacement that I need.

I used two diodes in series and while I was in the Rotel RA-610 I replaced any other questionable diodes.

You will normally need to remove some of the assemblies to get the deoxit into the controls without making a huge mess.

I will be recapping this Rotel RA-610 integrated amplifier so you need to get the assemblies where you can get at them. 

The 45 year capacitors lasted far longer then they were designed to. One of the old capacitors and one of new ones are shown below.

One of the assemblies has been recapped and is ready to be reinstalled in this Rotel RA-610 amplifier. 

The phono section of this Rotel RA-610 is next in line for capacitor replacement.

The new capacitors are installed. Vintage stereo repair or restoration many times involves capacitor replacement.

Not all of the assemblies were all that technician friendly but getting those old capacitors is a must.

The tone controls were soldered with wire between the slider switch and the tone assembly. This needed to be removed.

There are several soldered connections that need to be unsoldered so that you can get the assembly loose.

Now with all the soldered connections removed I can replace more capacitors in this Rotel RA-610 amplifier.

I have the capacitors replaced and I'll remount the assembly to the chassis after some prep work.

I have cleaned the old solder off of the slider switches so that I can solder the wire on to the switches properly. 

I soldered in new wires to make the connection to the slider switches. The old wires were just to brittle to keep.

I have reinstalled the tone assembly. Hopefully this assembly won't need service for another 45 years!

I'm done with replacing capacitors and diodes at the top of the chassis of this Rotel RA-610 integrated amplifier.

It's always a good idea to test out your work as you go along to make sure all is well.

I'm going to install under the chassis power supply filter capacitors during this Rotel RA-610 repair and restoration.

The picture shows the capacitors that will be mounted under the chassis of this Rotel RA-610 integrated amplifier.

Take plenty of pictures and/or take notes on paper before removing any wires.

This Rotel RA-610 has no DC voltage speaker protection built into it so always check your work carefully.

I'll let this Rotel RA-610 run awhile and do some bias and DC offset checks before hooking up the speakers.

I'll reseat the power transistors in this Rotel RA-610 integrated amplifier.

I installed new mica transistor insulations after adding a thin layer of thermal compound to both sides of the insulator.

Warm water and dish soap along with a little scrubbing usually works well to clean the knobs and switch covers.

Don't forget to clean the RCA jacks and speaker connections with deoxit.

This Rotel RA-610 integrated amplifier repair and restoration in complete. It's time for some music!