Pioneer SX-1980 - Restoration

It's time for this monster to get serviced. The Pioneer SX-1980, a classic from the past. 

A bit dusty but not bad. It should be an easy clean up.

 This is where the Pioneer SX-1980 needs some restoration attention.

This assembly inside the Pioneer Sx-1980 fry's itself as you will see in the next picture.

Hmmm.....I wonder if those dark area's were from years of heat? The answer is yes.

Transistors needed to be replaced during this Pioneer SX-1980 restoration. Amazing they lasted 35 years with the heat generated. 

All back together after replacing the transistors and capacitors.

Deoxit for the pots, switches, contacts etc.

Tie wraps work well for a third hand.

More transistors and capacitors to be replaced during this Pioneer SX-1980 restoration.

Same Here......Replace those parts.

Ready to be reinstalled.

Another assembly out for part replacement and cleaning.

More work here.

Bubble wrap over the front to give it a little protection while working on the Pioneer SX-1980.

There is a issue with the FM reception in this Pioneer SX-1980 receiver and I have removed the protective covers for access.

Always review the service manual before you attempt to "play around" with the FM section of the Pioneer SX-1980.

I use a ST 1000A to help me with FM issues. Just like everything in life having the proper tools to do a job can not be overstated.

After following the FM adjustment procedures in the service manual I can now tune and lock FM stations along with having good sensitivity and selectivity.

Now it's time for some bench testing. After 2 hours of warm up I have adjusted the SX-1980's idle current and DC offset.

I use 8 ohm 300 watt load resistors on the test bench. This receiver will push them to their limits.....and maybe beyond.

The ST 3200 audio analyzer shows that the power output of this Pioneer SX-1980 is very even for both the left and right channels.

This Pioneer SX-1980 solid state receiver met it's amplifer power/distortion specs. Any vintage stereo restoration should include bench testing.

The power meters were calibrated. The adjustment pots for the meters are on the left side of the chassis.

This Pioneer SX-1980 restoration is about complete. I'll leave it running on the test bench for a few hours to make sure all is well.

120 capacitors and transistors were replaced in this Pioneer SX-1980.

Always use respected names for your replacement components. Just pennies more for the piece of mind.

Cleaning up, parts replaced. Hopefully this Pioneer SX-1980 is ready for another 35 years.

I've put the covers back on this Pioneer SX-1980 solid state receiver and after one final check it will be done.

Now it's time for some music. This Pioneer SX-1980 restoration is complete.