Pioneer SX-1250 Receiver Repair And Restoration

Faceplate off. top and bottom covers off and ready to start the Pioneer SX-1250 repair and restoration.

Work on one assembly at a time and then check your work before continuing.

Try not to stress the wires to much. Like any wire, to much twisting and they will break.

Some new capacitors for the Pioneer SX-1250.

Clean the pins on the connectors while you have everything apart.

Many new capacitors and transistors were installed during this Pioneer SX-1250 restoration.

Good time to take a look at the solder joints. No problems here.

Usually enough slack in the wires to get any assembly where you need it to work on it easier.

Doing some bench testing on this Pioneer SX-1250 receiver. Just about ready to go.

Some transistors should be gain matched.

This device works well for matching the transistors.


Tools of the trade. A good quality soldering iron and a good quality desoldering tool.

133 capacitors and transistors were replaced during this Pioneer SX-1250 receiver restoration.

Always use respected names for your replacement components. Just pennies more for the piece of mind.

This Pioneer SX-1250 receiver repair and restoration is complete. Hopefully there will be many trouble free years of musical enjoyment ahead.