Pioneer SX-1050 Receiver Repair And Restoration

This Pioneer SX-1050 will power up but there is no output to the speakers.

The soft start relay is engaging but the speaker protection relay shown in the lower left of the picture below is not operating.

After troubleshooting I determined that there was an issue being caused by the 090 protection board itself and not something external.

The problem was solved by replacing a 32 volt zener diode that had failed. After replacing the diode the speaker relay operated fine.

This Pioneer SX-1050 repair and restoration will include cleaning the pots and switches. Some disassembly is always needed to do this job.

I have removed the faceplate on this Pioneer SX-1050 receiver for cleaning and to allow better access to the controls for cleaning.

Any vintage audio repair or restoration involves a lot of cleaning. This Pioneer SX-1050 is no exception.

There is enough slack in the wires of this Pioneer SX-1050 solid state receiver to get the assemblies where you need them.

With the assemblies out of the chassis the controls can be cleaned properly with deoxit or your favorite cleaner.

Some of the assemblies in the Pioneer SX-1050 receiver have covers that need to be removed for better access.

I found that the sealed volume control needed cleaning that required it to be removed.


Many times the sealed volume controls like the one in this Pioneer SX-1050 receiver do not require cleaning but this one did.

The left and right channels would come and go as you turned the volume. Many flakey issues can be fixed by cleaning with deoxit.

I had to unsolder the volume control and loosen two screws on the volume control. You are better off not to remove the screws.

With the two screws loosened you separate the case enough to get your deoxit straw into the opening.

Once again just loosen the screws and leave a couple of turns on the nuts. You can destroy your control if it comes apart. 

This Pioneer SX-1050 repair and restoration required some soap and water. The picture below shows the inside of the bottom cover.

The knobs needed to be cleaned up. Many times vintage audio equipment has just been sitting around for years.

A little dish soap and an old tooth brush works well on cleaning up the knobs

I'll clean up the faceplate of this Pioneer SX-1050 solid state receiver with dish soap, warm water, rags, Q-tips etc.

I have reinstalled the cleaned up faceplate and knobs. This Pioneer SX-1050 receiver is looking better.

This Pioneer SX-1050 is looking better but any vintage audio repair or restoration should include bench testing.

I'll use a Sound Technology 3200A audio analyzer along with a signal generator during bench testing.

Both channels of this Pioneer SX-1050 tracked very close to each other at various volume control settings.

This Pioneer SX-1050 easily met it's distortion specifications at varying frequencies and power output levels.

This Pioneer SX-1050 receiver repair and restoration is complete. It's time for some music!