Pioneer Spec 1 Repair And Restoration

Case top and faceplate off.

Assemblies removed to get access to the controls for cleaning with deoxit and for componet replacement..

Most of the time there is enough slack in the wiring to get the assemblies in a good position to replace components.

Lots of new capacitors and transistors for the Pioneer Spec 1. 

New transistors ready to install.

New Capacitors Installed.

Time to access components with the bottom panel of the Pioneer SPEC 1 removed. 

Same picture as above but now with new capacitors installed.

Out comes the next batch of assemblies to access components for cleaning or replacement.

This assembly is now in a good position to work on.

119 Transistors, capacitors and diodes were replaced in this Pioneer Spec 1.

Always use respected names for your replacement components. Just pennies more for the piece of mind.

New capacitors and transistors installed and about ready to put the unit back together. 

All back together and hopefully many trouble free years ahead for the Pioneer Spec 1. This repair and restoration is complete.