Pioneer SA-8800 Amplifier Repair And Restoration 

This Pioneer SA-8800 integrated amplifier is in pretty good cosmetic shape but hasn't been powered up in over 20 years.

With the top cover off I can see that there are many years of dirt to clean out of this Pioneer SA-8800.

After powering up the amplifier on a variac I checked the bias and offset.

The picture below shows the Pioneer SA-8800 with the bottom cover off.

The Pioneer SA-8800 faceplate is removed for cleaning.

Warm water, dish soap and a toothbrush usually go's a long way to cleaning up decades of grime.

Using a combination of a damp rag, compressed air and a paint brush I cleaned up the chassis some.

Dexoit was used on all of the front panel switches and pots along with the connectors at the back of the Pioneer SA-8800.

The unit bench tests fine but needs a recap after 35 years. This Pioneer SA-8800 integrated amplifier repair and restoration is complete.