Pioneer RT-707 Repair And Restoration

This Pioneer RT-1011L reel to reel tape deck is in pretty rough shape. A lot of different issues to look at. 

The reel on the take up motor would not come off. The reel locking mechanism was bent. I finally wiggled it off.

I noticed a lot of play in the motor shaft. There should only be 1mm or so of play. I will need to remove the motor.

I've worked my way down to the four screws that hold the reel motor to the chassis. Make sure that you have the service manual available.

As I was removing the Pioneer RT-707's reel motor the clip shown in the picture below next to the motor actually fell out of the motor.

I took the motor apart and I could see where the clip came from but there were also several washers/bushings still on the shaft.

I didn't know what went where or if I may even be missing something on the shaft so I removed the supply reel motor to compare them.

All of the parts are important even a single washer that may have broken and been lost. The comparing of the motors will tell me if anything is different.

I did have some broken/missing parts. After some experimenting with heat shrink tubing I did get "the space" on the shaft filled.

I put the reel motors back in. Is it perfect? Probably not but it works and this Pioneer RT-707 reel to reel can finally come to life.

The only rubber belt in this Pioneer RT-707 is used with the tape counter. This deck didn't have the belt installed so I'll install a new one.

You have to do some disassembly to install this belt. Using a plastic sandwich bag is a good way to not lose the clips that you remove.

The clip flying off in a bag is better then them flying across the room and they will fly if you are not careful.

The belt is attached to a groove in the left reel motor and to a pulley on the back of the tape counter on the other.

Both of the directional play lamps in this Pioneer RT-707 were burned out. I'll replace them with LED's.

The original lamps in this pioneer reel to reel tape deck ran on 26V DC from the power supply.

You can tell from the chart below none of these LED's are going to be happy with 26 Volts.

 You will have to experiment some to find the correct resistor combination with the LED's that you are using.

You can purchase LED kits on the internet ready to go but if you do it yourself you will have learned a new skill for your next repair or restoration.

After removing two screws you can access the two lamps in this Pioneer RT-707 open reel tape deck.

The picture below shows the old lamp and the new LED. 5mm LED's will fit in snuggly into the lamp holder.

When you have figured out what LED's/resistors to use having an extra pair of hands really helps out when you are soldering small parts.

I'm about ready to install the new LED directional lights into this Pioneer RT-707.

Always test your work before you put the faceplate back on. Both new LED's are working fine.

With faceplate back on the new LED's look good and will probably never have to be replaced again.

This Pioneer RT-707 was very dirty. Decades of dirt and grime needs to be removed.

The heads were a mess. Were they ever cleaned on this Pioneer RT-707 reel to reel? Maybe not.

Many years of dirt is everywhere. Vintage audio restoration or stereo repair always involves a lot of cleaning.

Lay out the parts so that you get the unit back together correctly and again always have the service manual available.

With the faceplate of this Pioneer RT-707 tape deck off it's much easier to clean then if you leave it installed.

Don't forget to use deoxit on the pot's and switches. I sometimes use a paper towel to help keep the deoxit from getting into areas where I don't want it.

This Pioneer RT-707 had an intermittent issue where it would lose the output from the right channel.

The right channel issue was caused by a bad solder joint on the RCA connector.

I've got this Pioneer RT-707 open reel tape deck back together and it's about time for some bench testing.

This Pioneer RT-707's transport seems to be functioning well hooked up to the test bench system.

Doing some test recording and the RT-707 sounds good. It's now time to see what the test equipment says.

I'll hook the Pioneer RT-707 up to the Sound Technology ST 1510A for further testing.

This Pioneer RT-707's tape decks performance is very good on the test bench.

 Is this RT-707 perfect?, no it isn't it but it was well worth saving. Hopefully this unit has many more decades of service ahead.

I'll put the top cover back on and then it's time for some music. This Pioneer RT-707 reel to reel tape deck repair and restoration is complete.