Pioneer RG-2 Repair And Restoration

This Pioneer RG-2 dynamic processor is pretty much covered in dirt and grime. It was put out to pasture many years ago.

The Pioneer RG-2 dynamic processor is a product that broadens the dynamic range of analog signals like records and tape decks.

With the top cover off you can see that there is not much clutter inside this Pioneer RG-2.

This unit like all vintage stereo equipment needs a deoxit treatment on the switches and pots.

Almost all vintage stereo repair or restoration involves a lot of cleaning. Warm water and dish soap should work well on these dirty knobs.

I have removed the faceplate and knobs for cleaning. It's also easier to get to the switches and pots with the deoxit.

Having a variety of bent straws to use with the deoxit can is very helpful.

With the straw bent I am able to get the deoxit into the pot better. I also won't make as much of a mess spraying deoxit where it shouldn't be..

I'm getting plenty of grime off of the faceplate of this Pioneer RG-2 with just warm water and some dish soap.

Use a lint free cloth on the display module and the window inside the faceplate. You don't want to see lint left over after you reinstall the faceplate.

This Pioneer RG-2 dynamic processor is looking much better after some cleaning.

I have the Pioneer just about back together and it's time for some bench testing.

The unit sounds good on the test bench. It's time for some music! This Pioneer RG-2 repair and restoration is complete.