Pioneer RG-1 Repair And Restoration

The Pioneer RG-1 dynamic processor is a product that broadens the dynamic range of analog signals like records and tape decks.

The Pioneer RG-1 hooks to a tape monitor circuit in your preamp or receiver.

With the top cover off you can see that there is not much clutter inside.

This unit like all vintage stereo equipment needs a deoxit treatment on the switches and pots. Easy to reach those in the RG-1.

This Pioneer RG-1 has an issue with a channel imbalance. Most all vintage stereo equipment has some issue that needs attention.

Having an oscilloscope and a signal generator is very helpful in troubleshooting a difference between channels.

A great thing about working on stereo equipment is where you have one channel working correctly you can compare the good channel to the bad.

As you can see below there is an obvious difference between the two signals. Always have the service manual available to help you troubleshoot.

A bad transistor was causing the problem. After replacing the transistor a 1000HZ sine wave from the signal generator looks good.

After adjusting the gain control amplifier(GCA) and expansion meters per the service manual this Pioneer RG-1 is ready for some music.

This dynamic processor is the perfect match for the other silver faced Pioneer equipment of the 70's. This Pioneer RG-1 repair and restoration is complete.