Pioneer CT-F950 Repair And Restoration

This Pioneer CT-F950 is in nice cosmetic condition but has not been powered up for more then 20 years.

Top cover is off to take a look. Looks like a pretty rugged deck.

Have to remove the faceplate to get to the transport on this Pioneer CT-F950 as the transport doesn't function correctly.


Good time to clean everything up behind the faceplate. There is plenty of grime to get out of this CT-F950 cassette deck.

The transport is now out of the chassis and it's ready to be taken apart.

I have started to work my way into the Pioneer CT-F950 transport. I can now get to 2 of the 4 rubber belts that will be replaced.

The capstans are now removed for cleaning and so that we can get deeper into the transport.

Now I can replace the other 2 rubber belts. A cassette deck restoration will almost always include new belts.

Now it's time to replace the idler tire. Just another old rubber part that's 35 years old and needs to be replaced.

There are many small parts when working on any cassette deck and this Pioneer CT-F950 is no exception.

A plastic bag is a great way to keep parts from flying away and they will fly away if you are not careful.

Now it's time to work backwards and put the unit back together.

During initial testing it was found that fast forward didn't work, This was caused by a poorly soldered connection on the control assembly.

It's always better to do some testing on the rebuilt transport before you put everything totally back together.

The transport was working fine so now it's time to reinstall it into the chassis of the Pioneer CT-F950 cassette deck.

With the faceplate off it's time to give it a good cleaning. Any vintage stereo restoration involves plenty of warm water and dish soap.

Of coarse make sure that you get the tape path cleaned up.

This Pioneer CT-F950 is a very attractive cassette deck.

This Pioneer CT-F950 repair and restoration is complete.