Pioneer CT-F1000 Repair And Restoration

This Pioneer CT-F1000 is in nice cosmetic condition but has some issues with the transport.

Top cover is off to take a look. Looks like a pretty rugged deck.

Have to remove the faceplate to get to the transport on the Pioneer CT-F1000. Good time to clean everything up.

I have the cassette deck on it's side and getting ready to remove the transport that is on the bottom right.

The transport is now out of the chassis and it's ready to be taken apart.

The idler tire was stuck causing the deck not to play. The e-clip was removed in a gallon baggy so the clip wouldn't go flying. 

Fast Forward/ Rewind is sluggish. That's being caused by the clutch/transmission, marked up as "this guy" in the following image.

The clutch/transmission assembly was removed for inspection on this Pioneer CT-F1000 cassette deck.

The clutch was taken apart and cleaned. Thankfully there was no cracking of the nylon as these decks are know for.

All new belts and idler tires were installed for this Pioneer CT-F1000 restoration. The transport is ready to be reinstalled. 

I have the transport operating outside of the Pioneer CT=F1000 for testing before completely putting the unit back together. 

The capstan motor should run when a tape is installed in the transport. Sometimes it's working, sometimes it's not. The switch shown below is suspect.

The voltage should be 13 volts when the switch is activated, there was only 4 volts. I jumpered the switch and the capstan motor ran normally.

This Pioneer CT-F1000 is more then 40 years old and the contacts in the switch have failed. This switch is still available online from Mouser.

With the new switch installed the tape transport in this Pioneer CT-F1000 cassette deck is now working correctly.

Nice looking cassette deck! This Pioneer CT-F1000 is all back together and ready for some testing.

Powered up! Record, play, fast forward, rewind now all working well. The Pioneer CT-F1000 repair and restoration is complete.