Phase Linear 400 Series Two Repair And Restoration

This Phase Linear 400 power amplifier is pretty dirty and needs a good cleaning.

Warm water, dish soap, aluminum polish, toothbrush, rags, and Q-tips will all be needed to get the grime cleaned off.

The faceplate of this Phase Linear 400 series two power amplifier has been removed for cleaning.

Warm water and dish soap followed by Mother's aluminum polish should clean the faceplate. Audio restoration always involves cleaning.

More cleaning to do after turning the amp to expose the bottom. 

With the top cover off you can see that it was assembled in 1980 and how compact this Phase Linear 400 Series 2 amplifier is.

With the bottom cover off the filter capacitors can be checked. This Phase Linear 400's capacitors seem ready to go a while longer.

The basic checks are good so I'll do some bench testing to determine the power/distortion rating with a sound technology ST 3200A.

It doesn't matter how good your ears are. Any vintage stereo restoration needs to include testing with specialized test equipment.

The back of this Phase Linear 400 series two power amplifier has been cleaned up.

The Phase Linear 400 is now ready for some music. This repair and restoration is complete.