Nakamichi 1000MB CD Changer Repair And Restoration

This Nakamichi 1000MB CD player has a couple of issues that need to be looked at. 

The eject/load button as well as the power button are loose and misaligned.

I have removed the top cover of the Nakamichi 1000MB.

Now the top cover has been removed.

Once the top and bottom covers have been removed then you can remove the side cover. This is where the loose eject/load and power switch is located.

It looks like there was some adhesive that had failed over the years that was causing the loose switches on this Nakamichi 1000MB.

I used some new adhesive and put the switch assembly back in place.

I'm reinstalled the side panel and the eject/load and power buttons are now straight and feel secure.

I've powered the Nakamichi 1000MB CD changer and I'll do some bench testing.

The Nakamichi 1000MB came with a full featured remote. Just don't drop this one on your foot, it's pretty heavy.

The Nakamichi 1000MB needs an external DAC to operate. I've hooked it up to it's companion DAC, the Nakamichi 1000P.

I've loaded multiple discs into the Nakamichi 1000MB and it is operating fine.

It's time for some music! This Nakamichi 1000MB repair and restoration is complete.