Mitsubishi DA-P10 Repair And Restoration

This Mitsubishi DA-P10 preamplifier is in good cosmetic shape

This Mitsubishi DA-P10 preamplifier is unusual as it doesn't have a balance control. It has individual level controls for each channel.

The RCA inputs are on the side of the DA-P10. During most any vintage audio repair or restoration there is some dust or other grime to clean up.

The AC outlets are mounted on the other side of the Mitsubishi DA-P10 preamp.

I have removed the cover of this Mitsubishi DA-P10. It's always a good idea to take a look inside the unit before powering it up.

Cleaning the pots and switches is an important part of any vintage audio repair or restoration.

The tone and level pots are not easily accessible for cleaning without removing them from the chassis.

I have removed the faceplate of this Mitsubishi DA-P10 Preamp so that I can clean it. I will also be able to remove the pots and switches for cleaning.

I use Dexoit products for cleaning of the pots and switches. Every vintage audio repair or restoration should include the cleaning of the controls.

With the controls removed from the chassis the controls can be cleaned properly without making a mess with the deoxit spray.

Deoxit is a great product but it can make a mess if you spray it into the chassis. Getting the controls away from the chassis is the best way to clean them.

After spraying deoxit into the pot or switch work the control back and forth 30 or 40 times. It will take some time to do it properly.

I have reinstalled the covers on this Mitsubishi DA-P10 preamplifier. This preamp is getting closer to making some music.

I have reinstalled the faceplate and knobs. Any vintage audio repair and restoration should include bench testing.

This Mitsubishi DA-P10 preamp did well in testing on the bench.

This Mitsubishi DA-P10 preamplifier repair and restoration is complete. It's time for some music!