Mitsubishi DA-M10 Repair And Restoration

This Mitsubishi DA-M10 power level meter unit is in good cosmetic shape

The Mitsubishi DA-M10 power meters could be used with a number of the Mitsubishi power amplifiers like the DA-A10 shown below.

Mitsubishi was never one of the well known audio companies back in the 1970's and 1980's but they produced some very nice equipment.

This Mitsubishi DA-M10 has an amplifier selector switch as well as several RCA jacks that will be cleaned during this repair and restoration.

On the other side of the DA-M10 there is a speaker control connector as well as an AC outlet for the amplifier.

I have removed the Mitsubishi DA-M10 faceplate for cleaning.

I have also removed the top from the DA-M10 so that I can access the switches and pots for cleaning with Deoxit.

With the faceplate removed I can clean the dust that has collected over the decades on the meters and the chassis.

To clean the level pots correctly in the Mitsubishi DA-M10 I'll need to do some disassembly. They are in a tough spot to get at.

I have moved the assembly with the level output pots into a much better place to clean them with Deoxit.

Deoxit is a great product but it can make a mess if you spray it everywhere. Here I can easily get the deoxit into the pot and nowhere else.

Again I have removed an assembly with the switch that I want to clean. You can do a better job cleaning it and you don't make a mess.

After assembly I will now bench test this Mitsubishi DA-M10. Any vintage repair or restoration should include bench testing.

Everything checked out fine. This Mitsubishi DA-M10 power level meter repair and restoration is complete. It's time for some music!