McIntosh MX 115 Repair And Restoration

This McIntosh MX 115 stereo FM tuner preamplifier is a little beat up especially the wood case. 

The image below shows some very deep groves in the left front corner of this McIntosh MX 115 wood case.

The right front corner is not much better. Some wood refinishing will be needed on the case. 

It's a nice day out so I decided to go outside and sand on my outside work bench (the garbage can). 

I'm starting to make some progress. This McIntosh MX 115 stereo FM tuner preamplifier wood case has had a rough life.  

This McIntosh wood case restoration is looking much better. It's taking some time but it will be worth it.

Just about done with the case. Not trying to make it new again but to leave some of the character of the past 45 years.

The knobs have been removed from the McIntosh MX 115 for cleaning. The glass face also need a good cleaning.

Now the glass face is removed from the McIntosh MX 115 Preamp/Tuner and you can get easier access to the dirt and grime.

It's good to have an area where you have room enough to lay out the pieces and not break the glass.

Water dish soap, a toothbrush, rags and some Q-tips go a long way to cleaning any vintage audio equipment.

With the bottom cover removed there is easier access to some controls for cleaning with deoxit. 

In the case of the McIntosh MX 115 after you remove the bottom cover all of the pots and switches are staring right at you. 

I found that the volume control was flakey. Moving the shaft would cause the left and right channels to become unbalanced.

This part is no longer available from McIntosh but newly manufactured ones are available..

The volume control also contains the On/Off switch for the McIntosh MX-115.

There are several wires to unsolder on this McIntosh MX-115 tuner preamplifier before the volume control can be removed.

Also the metal cap that covers the On/Off switch needs to be unsoldered as the original cap will be used on the new control.

I have now removed the original volume/on-off control from this McIntosh MX-115.

I have the new volume/on-off installed. This MX-115 tuner/preamplifier repair and restoration is getting closer to completion.

The chassis is in it's wood cabinet. This McIntosh MX 115 restoration is complete except for the missing bezel around the function switches. 

The missing function switch bezel is no longer available and one's from parts machine's are expensive so it's time to find another solution.

I created a replacement bezel for this McIntosh MX-115 using Photoshop, Canon ink jet printer and photo grade glossy paper.

It took a few tries to get the bezel somewhat correct. I then used scotch double sided tape to attach the finished bezel to the glass faceplate.

The bezel is not perfect but it is better then what I had which was nothing..This McIntosh MX-115 Preamp/Tuner repair and restoration is complete.