McIntosh MC 2205 Repair And Restoration

This McIntosh MC 2205 is in pretty good cosmetic condition but is in need of some repair and restoration.

Bottom cover off to clean the pots and switches on the McIntosh MC 2205

While the bottom cover is removed it's a good idea to replace the four #1866 lamps that are accessible.

After removing the cover at the top front of the McIntosh MC 2205 the eight #1866 meter lamps can be accessed.

As shown below you can slowly pry the lamp holder from the unit. I used a taped up screwdriver so I would not scratch the metal.

Issue with the meters not working properly. A little bit of soldering/pin cleaning fixed the problem. 

I have removed the faceplate. This 2205 weighs almost 100 pounds and with moving this unit around the faceplate may be damaged.

I then cover the front of the McIntosh 2205 with bubble wrap to protect especially the meter assemblies from any nicks or scratches.

This McIntosh MC 2205 is over 40 years old so I will be replacing electrolytic capacitors during this repair and restoration.

The McIntosh 2205 power amplifier has assemblies that are plug in types so that makes changing components much easier.

Old electrolytic capacitors are the number one cause of failure in vintage audio equipment.

The pre-amp assembly has been removed from the chassis. A nice design where removing three screws and two cables gets the assembly out.

Some of the smaller value electrolytic capacitors will be replaced with film capacitors for superior sound quality. 

Audio grade electrolytic capacitors will be used in certain sections for the best sound and for low noise levels.

High quality axial Illinois capacitors were used in the power supply as replacements for the original capacitors in this McIntosh 2205.

Nichicon Muse Bi-Polar capacitors were used as replacements in appropriate circuits during this McIntosh MC 2205 repair and restoration.

With the film, electrolytic, and Bi-Polar capacitors in place this McIntosh 2205 is getting closer to starting it's next 40 years of service.

During this McIntosh MC 2205 power amplifier repair and restoration the connector pins will be cleaned with deoxit on a Q-tip.

The filter capacitors will also be replaced. The capacitors used as replacements are a perfect fit to the chassis of the 2205.

As time goes on it is getting harder to find appropriate filter capacitor replacements for vintage audio equipment repairs and restorations.

The original MC 2205 filter capacitors were 39,000uf 50 volt. The replacements are 41,000uf and 50 volts.

The McIntosh 2205 power amplifier filter capacitors are easy to remove and replace. Loosen two screws and they can be removed.

Always take a lot of pictures so that you can get everything hooked up correctly after replacement. Ask me how I know that's a good idea, LOL.

The speaker relay will be replaced during this McIntosh MC 2205 repair and restoration. After 40 years it's time for it to go.

Again take pictures to make your life easier when you go to install the new relay. Wiring something up wrong would not be a good idea.

The new relay did not have any cover mounting points. I had to remove the cover from the original relay to use on the replacement relay.  

The new relay has been installed with the original relays cover. Notice the extra row of pins that were cut off on the original relay. These are unused.

This McIntosh MC 2205 power amplifier repair and restoration is getting close to being done. One final look and then I'll do some testing.

Before putting the McIntosh 2205 back together I did some basic testing to make sure all was well before moving on.

I have reinstalled the faceplate and will now do some bench testing including bias and meter adjustments. 


This McIntosh MC 2205 power amplifier has been reinstalled into it's wood case and is ready to put into the test system.

This McIntosh MC 2205 repair and restoration is complete. It's time for some music!