McIntosh MR-65B Tuner Repair And Restoration

This McIntosh 65B is in fairly good cosmetic shape but is in need of some repair and restoration.


I have removed the chassis from it's wood case, You must always be careful cleaning older vintage equipment.

Start with a dry cloth and dry Q-tips as the old stenciling on the chassis may come off when any liquid comes in contact with it.

At some point this chassis was probably cleaned with something abrasive as there are scratches and some of the lettering is missing.

I've cleaned up the chassis the way that best fit's this McIntosh MR-65B tuner. Getting the majority of the grime but not damaging the stenciling further.

I've left the labels and tape that previously had been applied to the chassis to mark the tube types. It's part of the history of this McIntosh 65B.

I cleaned up the back of the unit and also used deoxit on the RCA jacks and antenna connectors.

The picture below shows the McIntosh 65B tuner with it's bottom cover removed. It looks to be all original.

You can like McIntosh stereo equipment or not but it's hard not to appreciate the workmanship in the assembly.

Having a wiring harness that looks like this one took skill and concern for a quality product that the average customer would never see.

Modern test equipment can be very helpful in troubleshooting and for testing questionable vintage stereo equipment components.

With these modern test devices, one warning.....make sure that you discharge all capacitors if you use them in circuit. They can easily be damaged.

To discharge the larger electrolytic capacitors I use a high wattage 1500 ohm resistor.

This McIntosh 65B tuner has been powered up and it's time for some bench testing.

If you have a wood case don't forget to clean it up and put some good wood wax on it.

The McIntosh 65B is known as one of the finest vintage stereo tuners and after putting the unit through it's paces, I agree.

Very good sensitivity and selectivity from this early 1960's vacuum tube tuner. This McIntosh MR-65B repair and restoration is complete.