Marantz 6170 Turntable Repair And Restoration

This Marantz 6170 turntable is in decent shape but has a couple of issues that need to be fixed. 

All four feet were almost totally gone. I had some feet from a Kenwood turntable that worked out fine for this Marantz 6170. 

This Marantz 6170 looks pretty good but with almost every repair or restoration there is a lot of dirt and dust to remove.

Had to remove the bottom panel of this turntable to access the cueing mechanism as the tone arm was dropping like a rock. 

The first thing was to remove three screws holding the solenoid to get that out of the way. 

That piece with the spring in the picture below is what I am trying to get at. There is a screw that needs to be loosened on the shaft. 

Take the cap off the cueing mechanism on the top side of the turntable by loosening the cap screw and the shaft will come out.

I used remote control car shock oil(500k weight) and it worked well to dampen the cueing.  

Installed a Empire OP110 cartridge that I had as the cartridge that was in the Marantz 6170 turntable was shot.

Set up the new cartridge and this Marantz 6170 turntable repair and restoration is complete.