Marantz 2270 Repair And Restoration

This Marantz 2270 receiver has been beat around a little and has no audio output from either channel. Some repairs and restoration is needed.

Look to make sure that the Marantz 2270 has it's "Main In" to "Pre Out" jumpers installed. There will be no audio output if they are missing.

With the bottom cover removed this 2270 looks to be all original but needs some attention after 45 years.

New components installed in one of the assemblies.

A new relay and some new capacitors here.

New filter capacitors for the Marantz 2270.

Notice the new filter caps, shorter then the originals but a perfect fit.

Working my way through the different assemblies on this Marantz 2270 solid state receiver.

Getting the unit back together for bench testing.

The replacement parts were under $100. This 2270 receiver is not cosmetically perfect but was worth the effort to make it reliable.

90 capacitors, diodes, transistors and relays were replaced in this Marantz 2270

Every lamp was replaced along with the old yellowed vellum paper behind the dial face to give this Marantz 2270 it's blue glow back.

Before putting this Marantz 2270 receiver back in service I'll adjust the idle current and DC offset. Information can be found in the service manual.

I'll now run some power/distortion tests on the Marantz 2270. My ears said it sounds good but I'll also see if the test equipment agrees.

This Marantz 2270 receiver easier beats it's power/distortion specifications. Any vintage stereo restoration should include bench testing.

The receiver is back in service and should run reliably for many years. This Marantz 2270 repair and restoration is complete.