Marantz 2252B Receiver Repair And Restoration

Pretty dirty unit along with a little metal corrosion. This Marantz 2252B restoration will involve some scrubbing. 

Very thick layer of dirt and grime on this Marantz 2252B solid state receiver.

Took the faceplate off for cleaning and to access the switches and pots for cleaning with deoxit.

This Marantz 2252B's push button switches are easy to get at for cleaning with deoxit after removing the faceplate.

I use a small plastic LED light that has a clip and flexible neck that works well to give you some light in those darker areas.

I used a lint free cloth to clean the faceplates plastic viewing window. I'm sure this Marantz 2252B receiver hasn't been cleaned in many decades.

Sometimes the faceplate needs more then warm water and dish soap to remove the years of stains.

You may find that the control knobs will need a little regluing.

The removing of various assemblies on the Marantz 2252B is necessary to access some controls for cleaning.

Dial lamps replaced, controls cleaned, and some of the grime removed. Benches fine. This Marantz 2252b repair and restoration is complete.