Marantz 2245 Receiver Repair And Restoration

This Marantz 2245 receiver is in pretty good cosmetic condition but has no audio output. 

DC offset from the left power amplifier assembly is 35 volts instead of a few millivolts causing the speaker protection relay to do it's job.

I have removed the left channel power amplifier assembly from the chassis as there is no easy way to troubleshoot this assembly in the chassis.

With the assembly removed all of the disconnected wires need to be temporarily jumpered so that you can troubleshoot the DC offset problem.

This Marantz 2245 receivers assembly is in a much better position to work on outside of the chassis.

I found if I tapped around the pot that allows adjustment of the DC offset I could make the offset drop from 35 volts to a few millivolts as it should be.

After reflowing some solder joints on this Marantz 2245 receivers power assembly I reinstalled the power assembly. DC offset seems good now.

The faceplate of this Marantz has been removed for cleaning and also for access to the controls for cleaning with Deoxit.

This Marantz 2245 like many vintage pieces of stereo equipment need some disassembly to access the controls for cleaning.

A little more work to disassemble but you have so much better access to clean the controls better.

If you remove the plastic dial face be aware that you may need to use an x-acto knife to loosen the glue that holds it to the chassis

This Marantz 2245 receiver is somewhat back together and about ready to be bench tested.

All seems well on the test bench but this unit will need to be recapped in the future. This Marantz 2245 repair and restoration is complete.