Marantz 10B Tuner Repair And Restoration

The Marantz 10B stereo tuner is known as one of the finest vintage stereo tuners. Some repair and restoration work is needed on this unit..

This Marantz 10B tuner powered up fine and sounds pretty good on the test bench.

The chassis is a little dirty and beat up but it will clean up pretty well.

It's time to take the Marantz 10B chassis out of the wood case to take a closer look.

This Marantz 10B is out of it's case and the top cover that protects the scope is off.

This 10B stereo tuner has a lot of dust inside the glass as well as a tilt. Notice the FM scale not being even from side to side.

The faceplate has been removed for cleaning and so that you can get to the glass.

No, this Marantz 10B vintage stereo tuner is not in a snow storm. This is 50 years of dirt and dust that has found it's way in.

Looks better. DO NOT USE ANY LIQUID ON THE GLASS LETTERING! The lettering may come off if you do.

Use a lint free cloth (carefully) and don't rub hard, use compressed air (carefully). GO SLOW! Don't hurry with this part..  

I can't say enough to be very careful when you are cleaning the lettering on the Marantz 10B stereo tuner.

With the glass removed you can see that there is more cleaning to do behind where the glass would normally be.

Getting there.....What do you expect after 50 years? Always plenty of cleaning to do with any vintage stereo restoration.

The faceplate cleaned up well. Of coarse it's the time to clean the knobs also. 

This is great time to replace the #1847 bulbs. There is one of each side of the chassis.

This 10B needed some cleaning of the top chassis. The tubes are removed for easier cleaning of the chassis and to clean the tube sockets..

I used a lightly watered rag and Q-tips to clean the chassis. Before you use any liquid check a small spot to make sure no lettering is damaged. 

I used dish soap, warm water and a toothbrush on the tube covers. Same with the front panel knobs.

This Marantz 10B tuner is a special piece of equipment. Working your way slowly around the chassis will help avoid any mistakes. 

During testing the sound of the 10B was good but there was some channel imbalance and the sound should be outstanding not good.

Tube testing is the first thing to do when you think something is not right with the sound of your vintage tube stereo equipment.. 

Sometimes more then one tube tester is needed as some testers just test certain tubes more reliably then others.

Five tubes needed to be replaced. (2)12AX7's, (1)12AU7, (1)6DL4 and (1)6U8. 

Now this Marantz 10B sounds like a 10B! I'll hook up the FM alignment generator and see what it has to say.

This Marantz 10B repair and restoration is finished for now. Capacitor replacement is next.