Luxman R-1040 Receiver Repair And Restoration

This Luxman R-1040 receiver is in fair cosmetic condition but the right channel is not operating.

I have removed the Luxman R-1040 receiver chassis from it's wood case.

I have removed the faceplate. Be aware that even after removing the faceplate screws that you may need to use an x-acto to loosen some glue.

The faceplate shown below may be glued to the dial glass. If it's stuck don't force it. You have to get your x-acto between the glass and the plastic. 

This is one of two pieces of dial glass in the Luxman R-1040 receiver. After almost 40 years it's time for a cleaning.

Two out of the three 12 volt lamps are burned out.  

The original bulbs were soldered in. I'll change out all three bulbs and replace them with LED's.

I've started to clean the dial glass in this Luxman solid state receiver. Lots of dirt and grime.

Be very careful when cleaning around the stenciling. Sometimes it can be sensitive to rubbing and/or liquids.

Usually warm water, dish soap along with a old toothbrush works well on cleaning the control knobs.

Any vintage stereo restoration usually involves a lot of cleaning. This Luxman R-1040 is no exception.

Two Blown fuses were causing the right channel to have no output. The bias transistors glue had failed. This may have been the issue?

I used a little thermal grease and a piece of shrink wrap on both channels bias transistors to put them back into proper position.

The picture below shows the bias transistor in it's shrink wrap after applying heat to the shrink wrap. This should work fine.

The Idle current and DC offset seems fine now for both channels.

Deoxit is always needed for all of the controls and connections both front and rear.

Starting to get the Luxman R-1040 receiver back together.

This Luxman R-1040 solid state receiver has a rosewood cabinet that was ready for some wood conditioner. Looks much better then before.

It's time for some bench testing and then it's time for some music. This Luxman R-1040 receiver repair and restoration is complete.