Luxman K-117 Repair And Restoration

This Luxman K-117 cassette tape deck is in need of some repairs. The unit will fast forward and rewind but will not play.

I have removed the top cover of this Luxman K-117 cassette deck to take a look.

Whenever a cassette deck won't play the first thing to look at is the capstan belt. This Luxman K-117 is missing it's rubber belt.

Looking at the bottom of the capstan you can see what is left of the belt. This deck probably sat for many years and the rubber turned to black goo.

This black goo which is what is left of the original belt must be cleaned off of all surfaces. 91% isopropyl alcohol works well as a cleaner.

I have removed the capstan from this Luxman K-117 tape deck so that I can properly clean it.

This black goo is everywhere and will ruin your clothes or anything else that it gets on but you must remove it from all areas of the deck.

I've got the black goo cleaned up and two of the three new belts installed in this Luxman k-117 cassette tape deck.

A new tape counter belt is the last belt to be installed. Any cassette deck repair or restoration involves replacing old rubber belts.

This Luxman K-117 cassette deck is now about ready for testing. You should always put the wiring back neatly like it was done at the factory.

This Luxman K-117 cassette deck is now back together. I'll do listening tests as well as some measurements.

This Luxman K-117 is sounding good to the ear, The transport functions are working well and the channels are tracking evenly.

Anytime that you change out the belts and take the transport apart it's always a good idea to check the wow-flutter of the deck.

This Luxman K-117 cassette tape deck did very well on the test bench and hopefully it will be in service for many more decades.

This Luxman K-117 repair and restoration is complete. It's time for some music!