Lafayette LR-3030A Repair And Restoration

This Lafayette LR-3030A solid state receiver was produced in the late 1970's and needs some repairs and restoration.

This Lafayette LR-3030A receiver is a little dirty inside as most of the un-restored vintage stereo equipment is.

Bottom cover off of this Lafayette LR-3030A. I'll get a little dirt out of here also. Any vintage stereo repair or restoration involves cleaning.

This Lafayette LR-3030A solid state receiver's faceplate is a mess but will clean up fine.  

While the faceplate is off I cleaned up the crud from the radio dial and controls area that you can't reach with the faceplate on.

As with any vintage stereo restoration cleaning the pot's and switches are a must. Some disassembly is almost always necessary.  

Getting to the balance and tone controls for cleaning is now possible with the assembly removed,

The deoxit straw inserted in the pot for cleaning. No more scratching and audio dropouts after getting the corrosion out of the pot. 

Don't forget to clean the back connectors. RCA jacks, antenna and speaker connectors need the years of oxidation removed also.  

After some troubleshooting I found that this Lafayette LR-3030A had an output transistor pack that needed to be replaced.  

Found the used part I needed on eBay and all is now well. Both channels now meet specification.

This Lafayette LR3030A  repair and restoration is complete. The unit will need capacitors changed in the future. For now, it's time for some music.