Lafayette KR-9090 Repair And Restoration

Nice 90 watt per channel receiver made by Kenwood for Lafayette in the late 70's.

A little dusty but overall pretty clean inside. Decades of old capacitors are due to be replaced.

Knobs need to be cleaned up on this Lafayette KR-9090 solid state receiver.

Disassembled the Lafayette KR-9090 to dexoit the pots, switches and push button controls.

Removed the faceplate for cleaning.

Looking better after cleaning up the chassis a little bit. This Lafayette KR-9090 is a nice looking receiver

Issue with the power switch arcing. 

Not hard to see why the 120V from the utility company was coming and going.


Fixed the power switch. Back together and the unit bench tested fine. This Lafayette KR-9090 repair and restoration is complete.