Harman Kardon Citation Sixteen Repair And Restoration

This Harman Kardon power amplifier is in pretty good cosmetic condition but it needs a good cleaning. 

Warm water, dish soap, aluminum polish, toothbrush, rags, and Q-tips will all be needed to get the amplifier cleaned up.

When the amplifier was powered up both the left and right power transistor heat sinks got extremely hot within seconds. 

Usually extreme heat like this is related to the bias( idle current ) being way off. This was the issue with this Citation 16.

Two pots that control the DC offset and bias needed a couple of drops of faderlube. I'm surprised the outputs didn't blow. They were that hot. 

After cleaning the pots( VR1 and VR2 ) the bias and DC offset could be set correctly and the power amplifier no longer got hot.

This Harman Kardon citation sixteen power amplifier also had a burned out neon lamp. An exact replacement was not available.

I had an extra neon lamp and made my own replacement for this Citation 16 power amp.

All four filter capacitors tested fine so they will stay for now but after 40 years it's time for this Harmon Kardon 16 to be recapped.

Lots of fins on the front of the citation sixteen. Q-tips and warm water work great to clean the fins.

Using a toothbrush and some soapy warm water will clean up the knobs. Cleaning is always a big part of any restoration.

The Harman Kardon knob is looking much better after a bath. Always use soap and water first before you try something stronger.

Don't forget to clean the back. Really like the sticker! These Harman Kardon employees were proud of their accomplishments.

This Harman Kardon citation 16 is back together and ready for a test run.

It time to run the citation 16 though it's paces. This Harman Kardon citation sixteen power amplifier repair and restoration is complete.