Fostex Model 20 Reel To Reel Repair And Restoration

This Fostex model 20 reel to reel tape deck is in pretty good cosmetic shape but like so many tape units the tape path needs to be cleaned.

I've removed the front panel control knobs for cleaning with warm water, dish soap and a toothbrush.

I've removed the protective cover from the head assembly of this Fostex model 20 to have easier access for cleaning.

There is 30 years of dirt, grime and tape residue to clean out. A Q-Tip can reach most of spots.

 It's kind of slow going but the Q-Tip along with your favorite tape head and rubber cleaning solutions will get all of the gunk.

When the deck is this dirty you need to disassemble it to some degree. This deck being a semi-professional unit was engineered to be taken apart for cleaning.

I've removed the pinch roller from this Fostex model 20 reel to reel. Always have the service manual available for the unit that you are working on.

All tape units have many small parts and they are easily lost. The pinch roller below has a washer on it and if lost will cause problems.

When you are removing a part from a tape deck always do it slowly. Sometimes parts stick to one another, sometimes they fall on the table.

Just have the service manual available for the Fostex model 20 so if a washer or some other part falls on the floor you will know where it goes.

Don't forget to clean the rear connectors of this open reel tape deck with some deoxit.

The Fostex model 20 is back together and powered up. I'll do some bench testing and then it will be time for some music.

This deck sounds very good with Maxell UD tape. This Fostex model 20 reel to reel repair and restoration is complete.