Fostex D-15 Digital Master Recorder Repair And Restoration

This Fostex D-15 DAT deck spent it's first 20 years in a professional environment. Now it will be used at home.

I have the top cover of the Fostex D-15 removed. This unit was built in 1997 so it includes many surface mount components.

Like any tape unit the first thing to do is clean the tape path. This DAT unit has tape guides, capstan shafts, pinch roller etc. like any tape deck.

I found if I opened the tape door and then turned off the Fostex D-15 recorder I could access the areas I needed to get at in the tape path.

You can use a Q-Tip with your favorite cleaning solution to clean everything just like on any tape deck except do not use a Q-Tip on the rotating head.

The rotating head must be cleaned like you would manually clean a VCR head. It involves using a piece of paper dipped in alcohol.

The wetted paper is pressed evenly against the head and then the head is rotated counterclockwise. Google "Cleaning VCR Heads" to find step by step instructions.

Always have the service manual available. This Fostex D-15 DAT deck has many different features that can be accessed if you know how.

Everything sounds fine on the test bench and it's time for some music. This Fostex D-15 digital master recorder repair and restoration is complete.