Fisher 400 Repair And Restoration

This Fisher 400 vacuum tube receiver is in need of some repair and restoration after 50 years of service.

The chassis was in need of a cleaning. Take a look at the difference between the left and right sides of the image below.

This Fisher 400's chassis is much cleaner now. Also cleaned the tube sockets.

This fisher 400 repair and restoration included removing the dial glass for cleaning and lamp replacements.

This tube receiver appears to be all original. 50 years old components need to be replaced. 

Electrolytic capacitors and coupling capacitors were replaced in this vacuum tube receiver. 

I used soniccap for replacements. Use whatever you like as they will be better then the capacitors that you remove.

New diodes and bridge rectifier were installed during this Fisher 400 restoration. 

Vacuum tube sockets are very helpful when troubleshooting issues or for making bias adjustments. 

This Fisher 400 vacuum tube receiver repair and restoration is complete. Time for a final bench test and then some listening.