Dynaco 400 Repair And Restoration

This Dynaco 400 is 40 years old and in need of some repairs and restoration.

I found a new old stock speaker relay. Good thing as the original was in rough shape.

Power resistors, hot hot hot. See the discoloration on the assembly? 

Plastic tie wraps come in handy to position the assembly boards where you need them.

This is not a train wreck but the assemblies loosened so that the components to be removed can be reached. 

Testing after replacing a few components. 

It may not look like it but this Dynaco 400 was a pain in the ass to work on.

Getting the unit reassembled after replacing several capacitors. 

47 capacitors, diodes and resistors were replaced in this Dynaco 400.

Always use respected names for your replacement components. Just pennies more for the piece of mind.

Everything checks out fine on the test bench. This Dynaco 400 repair and restoration is complete.