Dual 1226 Turntable Repair And Restoration

This Dual 1226 turntable is in decent shape but has a couple of issues that need to be fixed. 

I have removed the platter as I have to get under the chassis. Always remove the platter and then loosen the two silver headed screws.

With the platter removed and the two screws accessible from the top loosened the chassis of the dual 1226 will come out of it's base.

Like many vintage Dual turntables the "Steuerpimpel" was missing. Just google it and you will find out all about the "Steuerpimel".

With the Steuerpimel( little plastic piece) missing this Dual 1226's auto features would not work. I used heat shrink tubing as the Steuerpimpel.

With a new Steuerpimel the tonearm of this Dual 1226 turntable would move to the record but not set down at the proper spot

The screw that allows you to adjust where the tonearm sets down on the record could not be turned. Never force it if it doesn't want to turn.

A little CLP on the screw freed it up. After reinstalling into this Dual 1226 turntable I was able to adjust the tonearm to set down properly. 

With the Dual 1226 back together it's time to clean it up with a little soap and water. Any vintage stereo restoration involves some cleaning. 

Dual turntable and A Shure cartridge, A classic combination! Dual 1226's don't get a lot of respect but put a quality cartridge in and wow!  

Sounding good! This turntable should have many more years of service ahead. This Dual 1226 repair and restoration is complete.