Cerwin-Vega VS-120 Speaker Repair and Restoration

These Cerwin-Vega VS-120 speakers are in need of some repairs and restoration. 

The Cerwin-Vega VS-120 speakers are known for rotting foam around the woofers. Looking at the picture below you will see why.

The original foam is coming apart and new foam surrounds will need to be installed in this pair of Cerwin-Vega VS-120 speakers. 

I'm taking the woofers out of the cabinet in the house so I've placed a plastic bag on the floor to catch the rotted foam when I remove the driver.

I have removed the driver and the gasket that will come right off. I've moved to the garage as this can be a messy process.

Some folks use acetone, some alcohol, or some other liquid to help get the old glue off of the speaker and speaker basket.

The old glue on these Cerwin-Vega VS-120 speakers was pretty stubborn. Try to break down the glue and go slow on the paper side.

Making some progress as I slowly work my way around the driver. You can see the mess that you will have.

Now getting further along the Cerwin-Vega VS-120 speaker restoration process as I'm getting more of the old foam and glue off.

Just about got this one driver ready for new foam. Of course you have to repeat the process on the other speakers driver.

The woofers are now ready for their new foam. Give yourself 2 or 3 hours to get the 2 drivers cleaned up and the new foam installed.

I purchased a foam kit for these VS-120 speakers online. It included new foam, glue, shims, dust caps and instructions.

I chose to remove the dust caps with an X-Acto knife and use shims to keep the voice coil centered while I installed the new foam.

The picture below shows the dust cap removed. The new dust cap included in the kit will be installed after the new foam has been installed.

The shims are installed. These will make sure that the voice coil stays perfectly centered and will be removed after the new foam has been installed.

The new foam has been installed and allowed to dry for several hours. Then the voice coil shims are removed and the new dust caps installed.

The new dust caps have been glued and the driver has been reinstalled into the cabinet. The foam should be good for many years.

This Cerwin-Vega VS-120 speaker repair and restoration is complete.